The cast of The Vampire Diaries in real life

Amid the ongoing civil unrest around the country, TV Guide is re-publishing this story and others like it to help foster greater understanding and awareness around issues of racial justice. Black lives matter. By the time Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson ‘s supernatural drama wrapped in , she’d died twice, become an anchor to a purgatory world for dead supernatural creatures, been tormented by a psychotic serial killer, survived an addiction to dark magic, saved her Mystic Falls buddies too many times to count, and watched most of her loved ones die right before her eyes. Despite these sacrifices, the fierce Bennett witch who put everyone else’s needs above her own never received the same respect she had so freely given to those around her. In truth, Bonnie deserved far better treatment than what she experienced throughout the series. Bouncing between the role of supportive best friend and magical town savior, Bonnie was never allowed to be fully human in the way that Elena Nina Dobrev and Caroline Candice King were. Her story often took a back seat to whatever pressing troubles befell her onscreen besties, and as a result, Bonnie didn’t quite connect with fans on the same level. Over the course of the show’s eight-season run, her presence was defined by what she could do for everyone else rather than who she was as a person. And since so much of her story was tied to her magic, we often forget that Bonnie — on her own — was pretty damn dope.

Paul Wesley confirms he and Nina Dobrev ‘clashed’ on ‘Vampire Diaries’

Fans of The Vampire Diaries , a long-running CW drama that premiered on the cusp of the Hollywood vampire trend, had no idea when the series began that it was the start of a dynasty. The series spawned a spinoff, The Originals , which in turn led to its own spinoff, Legacies , which is currently headed into its second season. What they did know from the beginning was that this was a fascinating group of people err, creatures both on screen and off.

So now, almost ten years since the pilot aired, how have the cast kept in touch?

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Elena Gilbert

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The Vampire Diaries ended two years ago, but vampires are pretty forward showing Bonnie Bennett getting ready to travel the world, and.

While the relationship was tentative at first, these two spent three blissful years seemingly in love with one another. What began as a bonding moment behind-the-scenes as the portrayed hopeless romantic vampires on screen, soon turned into a pretty serious love affair. Despite the fact that Elena was completely in love with Stefan, Damon’s brother, on the show, Ian Somerhalder is the vamp who won her real-life heart.

While their relationship ended back in , one thing fans never get tired of is reminiscing about this romance. With rumors circulating about a potential season nine of Vampire Diaries , it’s not surprising that everyone is craving more of the electricity that both Elena and Damon shared on-screen. According to Devdiscourse , both Dobrev and Somerhalder refused to take on their old roles, but that doesn’t mean the magic is gone completely.

Their vampire legacy is still steaming up the fandom and never really ended for true fans of the series.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Romance Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist from the television series The Vampire Diaries. In the books, Elena was blonde, popular, selfish and a ” mean girl “. However the show’s producers, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson , felt that it wasn’t the direction they wanted to go with their heroine in The Vampire Diaries television series.

Instead, she became a nicer, relatable and more of “the girl next door” type, until her life gets flipped upside down when she meets the Salvatore Brothers.

The Vampire Diaries fans enjoyed watching Elena (Nina) and Stefan the show aired and they’d be like, ‘Are you and Paul dating in real life?

Frequently Asked Questions. Full Discussion Thread Archive. Question When did Bonnie and Jeremy break up?? Jeremy was so upset about Bonnie dying but right when they were about to get her out of the prison world he just goes off to college? And then Bonnie said she wasn’t ready to talk to Jeremy when she got out but that’s all that I remember. Did their relationship ever officially end? You’re correct. It was probably something like.. Im not totally sure that is the reason..

Edit: i cant find any confirmation from the actor, steven r. Mcqueen about why he left, but.. He’s growing up and moving on.

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After getting caught up in the ultimate love triangle between two centuries-old vampire brothers and all the supernatural chaos that ensued, Dobrev left TVD at the end of season six to pursue “adult roles,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. She’s been managing just fine, appearing in the remake of ‘s Flatliners in addition to a few other films. With his days as a bad boy blood-sucker behind him, Somerhalder took some time away from the screen to focus on his family life.

After dating his onscreen love interest Dobrev in real life for several years, the pair split in and Somerhalder jumped vampire franchises, taking up with Twilight ‘s Nikki Reed in The pair married the following year and welcomed a daughter, Bodhi Soleil, in August The actor is now getting back into the realm of vampires as Dr.

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries In , she started dating Dolphin Tale actor Austin Stowell. year after The Vampire Diaries ended its run, Wesley began starring in Kevin Williamson’s new CBS All Access thriller series Tell Me a Story. Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett).

It even seemed as if their off-screen romance was a driving force behind their on-screen love affair. However, not all Hollywood romances have a happy ending. In , the co-stars-turned-couple called it quits , leaving Vampire Diaries fans stunned. We weren’t kidding about the whole “stunned” thing, folks. So, why did Dobrev and Somerhalder break up? Well, it turns out that there were several reasons these TV actors didn’t work as a couple.

While some feel age is no factor when it comes to love, a large age gap could make it difficult for certain couples to stay together long-term. Although Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder looked as though they were close in age, in actuality, Dobrev was 24 and Somerhalder 34 when their three-year relationship came to an end. It’s likely the two were at very different places in their lives due to their big age difference, and that can definitely cause waves in a relationship. Speaking of being in different places, it was more than apparent based on the speed at which Ian Somerhalder moved on that he was more than ready to be a married man.

After his split with Dobrev, Somerhalder started dating actress Nikki Reed.

The real reason Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up

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Stars Nina Dobrev (Elena) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) began dating in real life while filming the show. Their characters also had their own.

But did you know that the stars of the hit CW drama have not only brought the heat on screen … but off the screen as well? Their relationship was rocky, but behind-the-scenes the actors Candice Accola and Zach Roerig really hit it off. Dating throughout , news broke in May that the pair ended their relationship. In July Roerig made headlines when he petitioned for full custody of his 2-year-old daughter.

Meredith Fell, were not love interests on-screen, but the two were definitely lovers off-screen. Their romance ended in July when a rep revealed that the two stars were divorcing. Stelena wars between fans. While Elena flip-flopped between the brothers throughout the past four seasons, Dobrev had only one man on her arm for three years — Somerhalder. Unfortunately their off-screen love affair ended in early May … just as their on-screen romance sprouted new life.

Despite being broken up, the two put aside their differences to film the very steamy season 5 premiere episode. I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that.

Bonnie Bennett

As the plot unfolds, secrets are discovered, and old enemies return. Stefan, Damon, Elena, and their friends, are forced to constantly defend the town — and one another — against supernatural threats. Between vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids — The Vampire Diaries created an entire mystical world that draws viewers in, proving itself to be much more than just a teen drama. And before being outranked by Arrow, The Vampire Diaries continued to be the most watched series on the network.

While reviews were mixed at first, they got much better as the show progressed. In time, the show has gained a base of incredibly loyal fans, many of whom continued watching the show even after one its stars, Nina Dobrev Elena departed from it after its sixth season.

#TVD 6×16 “The Downward Spiral” – Bonnie and Kai The Vampire Diaries 3. Visit What are your thoughts in them dating in real life ☺️ ? #tvd. Popular Book.

His sister also real from substance abuse, and dies early on in the show, leaving him devastated. Once he learns about supernatural beings, he goes back and that, sometimes cooperating with them, and when they hurt humans, loathing them. At the end, Matt becomes an officer and reunites from his father. The actor vampire also involved in a year long relationship with his Vampire Diaries co-star, Nathalie Kelley, who played the powerful siren Sybil on the show.

Jenna is the loving and caring aunt of Elena and her romance, Jeremy, and their legal guardian after the death of their parents. While Jenna from tragically killed by Klaus, the flash forward on the series finale shows her reunited with Elena, after her death. Other than her role of the devoted aunt Jenna in The Vampire Diaries, the actress had roles in sci-fi shows Smallville and Dating, as well.

New Real, and a short lived the drama named Remedy.

Nina Dobrev Rewind: Here’s the REAL reason why the actress left The Vampire Diaries in season 6

Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham [1] [2] born September 5, is a Swiss-born American actress, singer, dancer and model. Graham began her showbiz career in the entertainment industry at age six. Graham appeared in the marketing campaign as a member of the ” Fantanas “, known as Capri, also known as Strawberry.

Jeremy was so upset about Bonnie dying but right when they were about to get her out of the prison world He will be out living a real life. that McQueen’s departure is one of many story elements leading to “the end” of The Vampire Diaries.

The heroic witch falls in love with vampire Enzo St. John in the show’s seventh season, and briefly finds the happiness she deserves. However, their romance ends tragically when Stefan kills Enzo, and the lovers are separated again. Bonnie had a passionate and loving relationship with Enzo that flourishes during their time hiding from the Armory. However, many fans felt as though their relationship was forced, and were upset when Bonnie was denied happiness again in the finale.

In hindsight, Bonnie should have been with one of these characters instead Kol and Bonnie shared a flirty glance in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries that inspired many fans to become shippers of “Kennett. In The Originals , Kol falls in love with the witch Davina, and reunites with her after they are resurrected. Bonnie needed an exciting and passionate romance, and a relationship with Kol could have brought out a wild side to the Bennett witch.

Kol and Bonnie could have been an impressive power couple who ruled Mystic Falls. Bonnie was one of the few characters in The Vampire Diaries with the courage and power to stand up to Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries Cast’s Real-Life Couples

Twilight was one of the most popular movie series, True Blood was thriving on HBO and every teenage girl wished they could have a vampire boyfriend. The Vampire Diaries was successful on television from all the way to and believe it or not, the series is still managing to pull in money with its spin-offs. Even with the new spin-off, it’s hard not to reminisce about the show that started it all.

To reminisce, here are some of the top behind the scene moments of the iconic Vampire Diaries cast. Everyone was rooting for Damon and Elena to get together since the very first season poor Stefan , but perhaps the reason why they were such a perfect match is that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were a couple in real life.

After dating his onscreen love interest Dobrev in real life for several years, King​, who played Elena and Bonnie’s other best friend, seemed to In July , Morgan tied the knot with his Vampire Diaries costar Persia White.

By Lindsey Kupfer. I think it was a cool lesson to learn. Dobrev, who dated Somerhalder for almost three years while filming the show, also confirmed her friendship with Wesley has grown over the years. Read Next. This story has been shared 16, times. This story has been shared 8, times. This story has been shared 6, times. This story has been shared 4, times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories?

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Real Life Partners Of The Vampire Diaries Actors