Speed Dating Event Cancelled Because of “Bag a Slag” Name

The poster for the alternative speed dating night was criticised for being offensive and derogatory to women. Ruth Greenburg, from the Nottingham Feminist Action Network, said the poster was belittling and derogatory to women. She said the free shots were an incentive for women to attend because research shows that speed dating is more popular among men. On Twitter, two camps formed. Meanwhile, seantaylorpress said: “Disappointing news for those planning to attend the Valentine’s Day ‘Bag a Slag’ event at this Nottingham boozer A spokesman for Nottingham City Council’s licensing department said they had investigated after receiving complaints about the poster.

Nottingham’s Old Angel Inn cancels ‘bag a slag’ event

Possibly the least romantic Valentine’s Day event ever envisaged, the “Bag a Slag, Grab a Hag” alternative speed dating night at Nottingham’s Old Angel Inn, has been cancelled after a string of complaints to the city council and police. The council said the poster, which also featured the song lyrics “die, die my darling”, breached the pub’s licensing conditions — mainly because of the offer of free alcohol to women attending the night — but said the decision to cancel the night was made by the pub’s owners.

Graham Chapman, deputy leader of the council, said the event threatened to damage the city’s image. It was then encouraging them to get drunk by offering free shots, then inviting a lot of blokes along to get drunk along with them with some expectations.

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The Old Angel in Nottingham city centre pulled the controversial speed dating event due to be held on February 14 after town hall chiefs threatened to revoke their license. But within hours of putting up posters in their windows managers were forced to cancel the event after sparking a flurry of complaints from furious locals. The bar reluctantly agreed but to cancel the event but unrepentant pub bosses have refused to apologise for the offence caused.

Ruth Greenburg, from the Nottingham Feminist Action Network, described the event as derogatory to women. Famous bands Kasabian, The Artic Monkeys and even Oasis played at The Old Angel as they kicked off their road to stardom by playing up and down the country. It was formerly a brothel and a chapel and the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of the young prostitute with her soul trapped forever in the ancient walls.

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Swipe File: “Bag A Slag” And Chamber Of Chills #19

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A Nottingham pub cancels its alternative speed dating event this Valentine’s Day after its poster was branded inappropriate.

This is the poster that has been making the news in Nottinghamshire, deemed rather offensive in its “bags a slag, grab a hag” promise for an “alternative” speed dating evening. With, as you can see, free shots for all participating women. There’s not a lot of subtext here. The BBC reported,. Poster designer and barmaid at the pub, Lydia Hunt said she felt the word was “empowering” to women.

I’m not saying women are either slags or hags, but I think it is an empowerment thing. She said the free shots were to encourage women to attend as research showed speed dating was more popular with men. While Nottingham Post added her saying. The year-old added: “There are people who say the word slag is offensive, but I would say it’s empowering really to take it back.

It’s not meant to offend, it’s meant to promote a speed dating night. But what there is, most definitely, is a swipe! In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree.

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‘Bag a Slag’ Valentine’s speed dating night cancelled after complaints

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Licensing chiefs stepped in after the “Bag A Slag, Grab A Hag” promotion sparked outrage. Posters for the “alternative” speed-dating event at.

A Nottingham pub has been forced to cancel a Valentine’s Day speed dating event called “Bag a Slag”, after complaints were issued that it was insulting to women. The city council’s licensing department stated an inappropriate promotion had been used and urged the landlord to bin the night. As part of the “Bag a Slag” event, women were offered free alcoholic shots.

In a statement, The Old Angel Inn said the event and its promotion would be taken “in good humour” by the customers. Speaking to the BBC, Lydia Hunt, who works at the pub and designed the poster, said: “The Old Angel is seen as an alternative pub so we were trying to throw the gauntlet down and say to single women don’t stay indoors and cower away this Valentine’s Day, come to our event. I’m not saying women are either slags or hags, but I think it is an empowerment thing. Whether or not single women are indeed “cowering” over a day which features more than the average amount of red heart decorations and garage-bought flowers, the incident brings up another recurring term: Empowerment.

‘Bag-a-slag’ Valentine’s dating bash cancelled after feminist outrage

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‘Bag a Slag’ Valentine’s Day speed dating event cancelled following raft of complaints

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It’s Speed Dating, But With a Paper Bag Over Your Head