16 Netflix original romantic comedies, ranked from least to most delightful

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“Man Up” is the sort of British import that gives romantic comedies a good name. Frequently laugh-out-loud funny and tangibly tender where it.

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Subscriber Account active since. Over the past couple of years, Netflix has committed itself to aiding in the revival of the romantic comedy genre. Insider combined the films’ Rotten Tomatoes scores with a general feeling of delight while watching to develop a highly unscientific ranking. The 16 movies are listed below from worst to best. Note: No Christmas movies will be included here, because that’s an entirely different beast.

As Emma Courtright wrote for Zimbio , this film is so “p ainfully out of touch” that “we felt personally offended on behalf of teens everywhere. To be sure, Kristen Bell is always delightful, but even her effortless charm isn’t enough to elevate “Like Father” beyond a passable diversion. The overworked and neurotic Rachel can be difficult to root for, Jeff Seth Rogen doesn’t get nearly enough screen time, and Harry Kelsey Grammer gets too much.

It’s hardly a rom-com at all, in fact, but Netflix’s “titles related to” algorithm begs to differ.

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